Box Set B

Chemistry is the study of chemicals that make up matter. In chemistry we mix chemicals together to find out what they do to each other. When chemicals are mixed they may change into something new. This is called a reaction.

The Activities

Week 1: Goo for You! - Polymers - 
Drippy and sticky to hard and bouncy, make your own plastic
Week 2: FIZZZZ - pH, Acid/Base - 
Use evidence (colour change) to find acids and bases in everyday life
Special yummy treat - Sherbet
Week 3: Hydro-Gel - Properties of Water
Let’s explore the properties of water, what can it do?
Week 4: Shiny! - Crystals - 
Grow your own, where can you find them? Dissolve and reform
Week 5: Changes - Reactions- 
Physical vs chemical reactions, make coloured foam

Week 6: Worms - Gels
Make a squirting fun reactioN

Week 7: Colour Story - Chromatography-
Separating a mixture of chemicals in a cool way

Week 8: Bath Bombs - Fizzing Foaming -
Putting chemistry to work for us, + fun!
Week 9: Shooter - Forces -
Build a mini cannon to fire pom-poms, force is a push or pull
Week 10: - Clean Water -
Think and build a water filter you can use in class
There are 10 boxes, one experience for 10 weeks of the term.
You purchase one or more sets of boxes at a time.
Cost for one set of boxes is $299 ex gst.


What’s inside the box?

In every box you’ll find all the ingredients for your experiment, and an easy to follow ‘Experiment sheet’. It shows the kids (and you) exactly what to do, and helps direct the learning process, so the kids not only have fun, but get to explore and learn cool science stuff.

When the box arrives.

Once you’re box arrives, you’re ready to learn!
For each box, you’ll receive an email link to two supporting videos – one for kids to watch and one for teachers.
Note you don’t have to watch the videos – they available just to help if required. Our experiments are so simple you can just open the box and start learning.
However, every experiment has a supporting video for kids and teachers, so it’s a helpful resource for kids and professional development the teacher.